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A main thing with our religion is how we view life and death. One of the basic things about this religion or this way of life is the cycle of things. We see the great cycle in everything. That this world is created and has a limited time to live and will be destroyed, and will be renewed. We see however in all things you can speak of, the same cycle in every day. The day comes alive in the morning and passes away at night. The same cycle in the cycle in the year in the spring when everything springs to life. Plants and animals. And then it slows down [in the winter]. Then it dies or goes into a coma trance [hibernation] and is [later] recreated. In the same manner we see the cycle of our own lives. We are born. We live and blossom in the middle of our lives, and then fade away and die, only to come alive again in some other form or way. Although we do not claim to have the answer about how this happens, this is something that all religions deal with. We see it in a more holistic way than Christianity. We see the eternal cycle of creation and recreation going on.


“No revolution. Science has also provided us with good things as well such as medicines, knowledge about epidemics. Although with it we’ve also caused some of the hunger and starvation in the Third World. Now we are attempting to take care of our spiritual side, to learn, to drive away our lust for aggression, to long for less instead of desiring everything. People can learn to be less aggressive with each other and help one another instead of going after one another all the time. […] Our religion is more in line with Nature, more closely tied to natural harmony. […] It’s on everyone’s mind that we can’t continue going the way we are, destroying the environment and Nature. Now, we have to say “Stop!” and try to regain a closer relationship with Nature and recognize ourselves as being a part of Nature. But, people have travel this new direction without extremism, without aggression.”


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